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The doorway to the Santa Rita Mountains, in the heart of Madera Canyon, the Santa Rita Lodge is now offering professional massage and private yoga services on-site. In addition to hiking, birding, and restoration, you can now fully unwind with therapeutic bodywork in the beauty of the Coronado National Forest.

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An ashiatsu massage therapist using her feet to massage a client


A deep tissue massage technique in which the therapist uses her feet and gravity to create greater pressure than manual work. This treatment is highly therapeutic and relaxing, using compression and gliding strokes to generate deep tension release, muscle stretch, and greater mobility of joints.

The porch and entrance to the Wellness Suite/Massage studio


A blend of Swedish and deep tissue techniques, tailored to the individual's specific needs, will address tension, pain, and injury rehab and prevention.
A photo inside the massage studio of a massage table

Myofascial release therapy

The fascia is the layer of connective tissue found directly beneath the skin and runs through the body in a three dimensional web. Restrictions in the fascia are found in tight musculature, postural imbalances, scars or other traumatized or inflamed tissue. Using the John F. Barnes' approach, the therapist uses sustained pressure with hands, elbows or forearms directly to the skin with compression, stretching or a  myriad of other techniques to  address these areas of restriction.

This modality can be a stand-alone, therapeutic treatment, or be combined with traditional massage therapy. If combined, 90-120min session is recommended.


With a deep interest in anatomy, physiology, and structural alignment, Jennifer blends a clinical perspective with spa-standard pampering in her massage therapy practice. Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in communications, a license in Massage Therapy, an E-RYT 200hr yoga certification, over 30 years working in the health and fitness industry, and 20+ years competing as an endurance athlete. Her specialty is working with active adults, and Ashiatsu massage. Jennifer considers the outdoors her ‘gym' and ‘church', and loves cooking and traveling. Through yoga and bodywork, she strives to help her clients find more space in their bodies to function as their best physical and spiritual selves.
Headshot of Jennifer Rischard, massage therapist

Lorien caldwell, LMT

As a therapist who has been receiving and practicing healing arts regularly since 2002, Lorien has experienced the benefits that long term care can provide. Physically, mentally, and spiritually she needed touch therapy in ways she never could have anticipated when she began study. Hence the reason Lorien began practicing Myofascial Release (MFR). While receiving this work for her own issues, she realized that MFR can take you the distance in your own health and wellness goals. In various locations across the United States, she continues to study the science at hands-on training seminars. She is constantly reminded through her practice what a paramount therapy it is. MFR can take you deep into your body's own healing capacity. It gives you the opportunity to transform the pain and dysfunction so many face on a daily basis and to connect to your whole selves. As a client of Lorien's, she discusses your own goals for treatment at every session. Because things change!

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For more information on myofascial release therapy, please visit Lorien's website:


Ashiatsu - 60 minute 104.00
Ashiatsu - 90 minute 137.00
Ashiatsu - 120 minute 170.00

Therapeutic - 30 minute 60.00
Therapeutic - 60 minute 82.00
Therapeutic - 90 minute 115.00

Myofascial Release Therapy (with or without combined massage)
60 minute 135.00
90 minute 165.00
120 minute 195.00


1218 South Madera Canyon Rd.
Madera Canyon, Arizona 85614